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Grammy-Nominated Mixer Reveals:
Secrets of Mixing with Compression
In a matter of hours anyone can learn to hear & apply the 4 Fundamental Sonic Shapes you need to take the mystery out of dynamics processing—once and for all
Beginners and Pros: Keep an Open Mind for What You're About to Read...
I wish I could tell you there’s no wrong way to use compression...

...but that would be a big fat LIE!
Matt Weiss with Akon
Mix engineer Matt Weiss (with Akon), shaking his fist at
all the terrible compression tutorials out there!
So let’s keep it real:

Compression is by far the most confusing mixing technique—for beginners and for pros.

If you're even slightly confused about...
  • How & when to use compressors, expanders, limiters, gates with confidence
  • Hearing compression... so you can dial in the perfect attack & release time to get your mixes loud and loaded with energy
  • How to effectively use (& artfully abuse) advanced dynamics processing like multi-band, side-chain, and parallel compression to take your mixes from 80% to 100%
...KEEP READING to the end.

Because I’m about to share a surprising, simple, new way to HEAR & LEARN compression techniques—using your stock plugins—to get professional mixes that your clients will love and you can be proud of.

But first, let’s address the elephant in the (control) room...
Why Is Mixing With Compression So Freakin’ Hard?
It doesn’t have to be... But more on that in a sec.

My name is Dan, and I’m the founder of the Pro Audio Files.
Mixing with Compression search result
The Pro Audio Files is the #1 trusted resource for anyone interested in mixing with compression to improve their mixes.
I never got a solid grasp on compression, even after years of producing and mixing...

Look, I understood how a compressor works—in theory.

In practice, I had NO CLUE what I was doing!

I’d put a compressor on every track because… let’s see what it does?

Then I’d arbitrarily adjust the parameters.

The moment I thought I kinda “get it,” a new element would enter into the mix, and everything just fell apart.

I’d waste a lot of time and then finally say “SCREW IT!”

Most of the tutorials didn’t help either…
Most Compression Tutorials Suck... Here's Why
Most tutorials on compression go something like this:

“Use a slow attack and a quick release on [insert instrument]"

The problem?

This advice is basically useless

I’ll explain why—stick with me:

It’s like you’re learning a language… Say you’re ordering a drink at a bar. The bartender only speaks Japanese. So you need help.

Now someone could tell you exactly what to say. And you could repeat it perfectly! Should you be happy? You’re probably not satisfied.

Because you don’t really understand what you said. You just repeated the words. And next time you’re in a different situation—say at a restaurant—you’ll have no clue what to say.

It’s the same with learning compression…

Someone could show you the perfect settings. You could dial them in perfectly, and Boom!—it sounds great.


It’s not gonna help you on your next mix...or even your next insert… because you just copied the specific setting for this one specific channel in this one specific mix.

And here’s the real kicker… You have no concept or system to help you understand HOW to decide which settings to use!

The good news?

There IS a way to learn—and it's easy and fast. Which means you can finally start using compression WITHOUT constantly second-guessing your mix decisions.

You’ll be surprised how simple it is...
Stop “Adding” Compression—Do THIS Instead
Remember the guy shaking his fist in the picture above?

That’s Matt Weiss. He’s a Grammy-nominated, Spellemann Award-winning mixer with 10+ years in the game.

His credits include Akon, Rick Ross, Swae Lee, Chris Brown, Ozuna, Becky G, Anitta, Nico & Vinz, CADE, Damian Marley, SisQo' and many more.
1176 compressor in pro tools
Meet Matt, your new compression coach.
Most importantly, he’s already helped over 8,672 engineers, producers, and musicians like you take their mixes to the next level.

When I first heard Matt's approach, I had a real aha moment:

Mixing with compression is NOT about “adding” anything. Or "reducing dynamics." Or just "making it louder."

It’s about SHAPE...
The 4 Fundamental Sonic Shapes You Need to Know
Matt's approach is literally fool-proof.

You only need to be able to hear the 4 fundamental sonic shapes that define every sound:
fundamental shapes of compression
Want to make a sound punchier? Softer? Rounder? Sharper?

This simple idea is all you need to start using compression to:

* Increase the perceived volume of a mix
* Manipulate tone of any instrument
* Control the dynamics of vocals, bass, drums, etc.

As long as you know what shape you need or want, it’s easy to choose the right tool and settings to get there.

And Matt will teach you how…
Introducing the Compression Collection
The Compression Collection product box
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“ tutorial on the subject I’ve come across in 15 years” 
Matthew Weiss takes the mystery out of compression. You’ll discover how to manipulate tone, control dynamics, and the secrets to getting a loud mix without ruining it.
5+ Hours of Video Training
You get 5+ hours of in-depth video training. Watch it any time, from anywhere.
For Mixing Any Genre
What you'll learn applies to any genre, so your new skills transfer to every project.
With Easy Practice Files 
Learn how to hear an apply compression techniques with before & after examples.
All you need is a laptop, your DAW stock plugins, and headphones!
Part 1: Finally Mix With Compression Like a Pro
  • 12 videos covering: The 4 Fundamental Sonic Shapes, basic compressor settings, lead vocals, percussion, drums, bass, mix bus, tonality, compressor characteristics, and more...
  • How to HEAR compression (with easy practice examples!)
  • How to increase perceived loudness and intimacy of a vocal track
  • A little-known bass compression trick for tight, solid low end
  • How to use New York compression (aka parallel compression) to fine-tune a sound by blending in heavy processing
And more compression secrets!
Take Your Mixes to the Next Level… FAST
Hearing compression can be HARD—especially when you don’t know what you’re listening for!

That’s why Matt covers the 4 Fundamental Sonic Shapes and teaches you how to hear the subtle differences.

Plus, you get practice files, so you can get up to speed quickly.
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Then, in PART 2...
Part 2: A Deep-Dive Into Drum Compression
  • 10 videos covering: Acoustic drums (snare, kick, room), drum samples (kick & snare), parallel compression & automation, transient design, plus...
  • Matt’s signature Gated Reverb method (NOT what you think!)
  • How to get the ultimate batter-forward rock kick sound
  • How to beef up your drum samples to get a punchier, phatter sound without ruining your mix
  • How to produce a swelling or pumping rhythm
Each video is...
Packed with Powerful Compression Techniques You Can Use Instantly
Look, the whole point of this mix training is that you can USE IT IN YOUR MIXES right away.

So that’s how the training is designed. You can go through the entire course, or apply each technique as you go.

You (and your next client) will be impressed by a louder, more musical mix!
Testimonial 2
Plus, you also get PART 3...
Part 3: An Advanced Workshop in Multiband Compression
Ozone in Pro Tools
  • 1-hour crash course into advanced multi-band compression (& how to avoid the common pitfalls of this powerful mixing tool)
  • How to manipulate the shape and dynamics of any instrument in a mix
  • How to achieve controlled, powerful low end in your mix
  • Two effective ways to attenuate troublesome frequencies
  • How to get that smooth pop vocal sound everyone is after
And more!
Think You Already Know This? Think Again...
You don’t need years of experience to get value from this training—but if you do, you might benefit even more.

Because progressing as an engineer is all about keeping an open mind and taking in new perspectives.

This is not a review of the basics. You’ll be surprised at the new chops you’ll pick up...
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Now you're probably wondering "how much will this cost"—and you'll be happy to hear...
The Compression Collection
  • Part 1—Mixing with Compression ($69 value)
  • ​Part 2—Mixing Drums with Compression ($67 value)
  • ​Part 3—Multi-band Compression Workshop ($47 value)
Total Value: $183
Join Over 8,672 Students!
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Want to save even more? Upgrade to Essentials or Complete
More than 8,672 engineers, producers, and songwriters have joined Matt's mixing trainings. Here's what they say...
Join Over 8,672 Happy Students
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Now There's Only One Question
You've seen the reviews. You know Matt's training has helped thousands of engineers, producers, and musicians but...

Is the Compression Collection right for you?
This Training is Not for You If:
  • You have mastered everything there is to know about dynamics processing
  • ​You have no trouble HEARING even the most subtle dynamic differences (this is covered in the training)
  • ​You suffer from "shiny new gear syndrome" and think expensive gear will fix your mixes
This Training is Perfect for You If:
  • You’re even slightly confused about mixing with compression
  • ​You keep an open mind (and ears!) and you’re ready to learn—even if you have experience
  • ​You want to take your mixes to a pro level, with the gear you already own
Now's the time to decide...

And remember: You have 30 days to test it out risk-free. If it turns out it's not a good fit for you, we'll give you a full refund--no questions asked.
This Offer Ends Soon!
Compression Collection Box 4
Only $99 Today
46% OFF
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Secure Checkout.
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Questions & Answers
Is the course only for Pro Tools?
Nope! While Matthew mixes in Pro Tools, the processes he teaches are completely independent of any one particular DAW and will apply to Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops, Studio One and other similar platforms.
Do I need to own specific plugins?
Nope! Regardless of specific plugins or gear the techniques are demonstrated on, Matthew teaches it conceptually so you can apply it to whatever gear you're working with for any situation you're in.
What genres are featured in the course?
The Compression Collection features multiple genres, including Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Hard Rock, and Hip Hop. As with all of Matthew's courses, the techniques, strategies and mindsets will easily apply to any genre.
Is this different than the Mixing with Compression course?
This bundle includes our flagship Mixing with Compression course in addition to Mixing Drums with Compression and Multiband Compression workshop at a discounted rate. If you already own one of them and want to upgrade to the bundle, email and we'll get you hooked up!
What if I already own one of the bonuses?
We got you! If you're a returning customer and want to swap a bonus for a different one, shoot us an email at and we'll take care of you.
Will it work for me?
I've built the Pro Audio Files over the past 10 years—I'm not going to ruin the site's reputation with a sub-par product. And I stand behind this training 100%.

If you're unhappy with the training for any reason, send an email to within 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.
How will the files be delivered?
After purchasing, you'll be provided with a .zip containing all the course files, including videos and multitracks. These are yours to keep forever.
Limited Time Only!
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Only $99 Today
46% OFF
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
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Compression Collection
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